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Delfast Electric Bikes

The Delfast Top 3.0 eBike will come to you in the "Speed Mode 1" which is the street legal Class 2 eBike mode - which powers up to 750W and travels up to 20 mph. In the unlimited mode it can reach speeds of up to 50 mph. Great for when you are off-road and off city streets. The NEW 2022 all-terrain Top 3.0 eBike is super energy-efficient and is equipped with a computer that operates the onboard electrical equipment and enables the bike's data to be collected and analyzed from your different devices. Whether in urban settings or on rocky trails, this eBike delivers a hyper intelligent, go anywhere riding experience. At Crankworks you are guaranteed the lowest price plus no sales tax and FREE SHIPPING throughout the continental United States.   To help you decide which e-bike is the best fit for you, check out our Electric Bike Buyer's Guide Also check out our Delfast FAQ page here.

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