Collection: Dirwin Electric Bikes

None of the E-bikes on the market were cutting the mustard.  Dirwin bikes was founded by Richard Dirwin and partner Thomas Lee after purchasing and evaluating dozens of electric bikes that were on the market. After a year of detailed testing on features, components, speed, distance traveled and how the bike cruises down the road the short-comings were analyzed. 

These short-comings were the fuel for taking an E-bike from just good to great. 

But even more importantly - this led to the creation of an E-bike that is easier to ride and is more cost-effective for real E-bike fans. 

To achieve amazing climbing ability and ride stability the combination of the great motor and controller is one of the best in its price range and allows the rider to achieve the feeling of the best ride they have ever had. 


Dirwin Electric Bikes

The Seeker and Pioneer