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Super Comfortable -Love it!

I've been taking my new e-bike down to the beach and the basket and rack work great for carrying my beach gear. It's great not having to get in the car anymore.

Got it done

Im not to handy but still managed to get my bike assembled, Iv'e been riding it awhile now and am glad this is the bike I purchased.

Digging it

I was amazed at how much power this bike still has after being fully loaded. It has changed the way I get into the back country.

Great commuter

I use this bike for commuting, I like how easy the rack loads up with my stuff and it is really comfortable to ride.

To Easy

After I dialed my bike in which only took about 10 minutes all I can say is wow, it is so comfortable I can't say enough.


I am impressed, this bike will crawl over anything.

Great all around

I just wanted a fun bike I could go out on and enjoy my day. I found exactly that.

Too fun

I ride up and down the bike paths along the coast, since I got my Coastal Cruiser I have increased the distance I ride opening more areas for exploration.

Loving this bike

The step through version is working for me. I am a little shorter so when I stop to look through my binoculars I can just step forward and stand over the bike. Works for me.

Very comfortable

I love the adjustability of my Hammer. Between the stem and seat post I was able to dial it in perfectly making the ride very comfortable.

Keeps on going

My bike has way more power and range than I expected. Nice surprise.

Smooth as silk

The Rubicon is my go to bike. I like the way it smooths out the wash boardy roads I ride on. I highly recommend this bike to anyone.

The perfect size

I love the way I can handle my bike. I was worried about the standover height when I have to get off the bike on the trail, the step thru design makes it easy for me to get off and on. Thank you Crankworks for giving me this heads up.

Enjoying cycling again

I am not in that good of shape so the thought of riding my bike didn't excite me. I discovered e-bikes not to long ago and I am glad I did. I now feel motivated to get out and ride and have already lost 10 lbs.

Can't say enough

I love this bike, the beach cruiser style suits my needs. I added board racks and getting to my favorite surf regardless which one has become a breeze.

Killing the hills

Living by the beach I love riding my beach cruiser. Even though I live by the beach I still have large hills to climb to get home. Before I bought my Coastal Cruiser I would struggle to get up these hills, now I fly up the hills and don't feel waisted when I get home.

Feeling good!!

Although my bike is compact, it rides like a full size bike. I would recommend this bike to anyone. I also want to shout out to Crankworks for all the help, service second to none.

Best of both worlds

This bike is practical and comfortable, need I say more.

Making it easy

I love this mtn bike!! I have always enjoyed exploration of back roads and trails, many of the areas I access have miles of dirt road access. Many times I would be spent by the time I got to the single track trails. Not anymore!! Now when I get to the trails I feel fresh. Yee haw to electric bikes.

Born to be wild

I have been riding my Cheetah for awhile now, I feel as though Born to be wild by Steppenwolf should be playing as I leave my garage. The feeling I have when riding is too cool for words. This bike brings back feelings I had when I was a kid of freedom. Thanks Crankworks! Ride on.

I love this bike!!!

I couldn't be happier for the money I spent. Going to school costs enough as it is so spending a lot on my transportation wasn't an option. The money I save on gas will pay for my bike in no time. I also like that it folds up, now when I go home I can fold it up and put it in my car. This keeps me from having to buy a bike rack.

Ride my Flatlander around the trails near-by. It has been excellent for getting out and exploring the state parks in my area. Not a lot of hard hills but some rocky areas. I can hop off quick when I need to. Enjoying myself and would recommend the quality of the flatlander.

Smooth Ride

Even though my bike is a ridged frame and fork the 4" tires make for a pretty smooth ride, I am totally glad I went this route.

My go to.

I am liking the convenience of an e-bike in town, this bike has become my go to for almost everything I do.

Great fun for the money

My budget wasn't big for an e bike so I did a lot of research. The Malibu is perfect for me. Not too much power, a basket to store my belongings, and it goes as far as I need it to. Glad I dealt with Crankworks. They were great when answering all of my questions. Would highly recommend them and this e bike.

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