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Great front rack

Well made and looks great easy to install

Tears up the trails

This is a killer bike for the price. Handles the trails really well. I usually go 20 miles or less and i haven't had a problem power or getting back. got the bike in a reasonable time frame

Cool for the price

I wanted to stay in my budget and wanted to have a bike to get me to the store and back. I strap my stuff onto the rear rack and that is working good. The fat tires make the ride really comfortable and they look cool too!

Great choice.

After a lot of research and asking questions i pulled the trigger on the kodiak. Easy ordering, quick delivery. having an awesome time with it. being able to switch between awd, front and rear wheel drive is what made me choose this model over others. Would recommend.

Model Y

This is our first electric bike. We were concerned about how it would compare to our regular bikes. We love it! Very stable, the assistance mode is easy to ride with. Wish we had gotten one sooner.

Great Bike - Great Price

To be able to get a great Model E from Electric Bike Company and pay 22% less is awesome. To have this transpire in one week is unbelievable. Thanks Crankworks for providing excellent customer service.

Great communication and very helpful
Impressed with the bike.

Great Folding bike

It's not exactly light but none of these ebikes are. It folds up good enough to go into the back of our mid-size SUV. Ride is great. Great buy.

Newport 24V

Can't say enough about the comfortable seat. Can haul all my stuff and easy to get on and off. I really like the white wall tires too.

Bakcou Mule Step Through

I was torn between getting the regular Mule or the step through model and after talking it through with Susan over the phone and her asking me questions about how I was going to be using the bike, it was clear to me that the step through would work a lot better for me. This bike totally exceeded my expectations. The quality is outstanding and it is a workhorse out in the field. Very pleased.

Let it rip

The one thing I have never been good at is holding back, I love hitting the trails hard and fast. My Mule allows me to do exactly that.

Bakcou Mule
Jeremy H

The mule is appropriately named, I load it to the max and off I go, camping has never been funner.

Bakcou Storm
Shirley S
And then Some

I admit it, I'm a hammerhead. My storm has gotten me everywhere I have wanted to go and then some. Hills, no problem, rocky decent, bring them on, can't say enough.

Too much fun

I bought my Flatlander as an all around bike, so far it has done nothing but satisfy.

Getter Done

I hunt the irrigation canals on a 2000 acre ranch for ducks, the Flatlander gets me to where I want to go quicker and quieter than any other means.

Step Through 24"

when riding around looking for game I stop a lot to look through my binoculars, I find the lower bar makes this a much easier task to just stand over the bar, balance the bike and look around. Highly recommend.

X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Blue Electric Bicycle.

l have a New X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Blue Electric Bicycle that came to my door on June 28th 2019, it came in a box that measured 53 inches long by 27 inches wide and 8 inches thick. l opened up the box and took out the bicycle. l turned it upside down, l first put on the back wheel, then the front wheel. then l turned up back upright, and l put on the riser handle bar, so l would sit more upright then l put on the handle bar after that. l put more air into the tires, then l put on the battery then charged it up. Then l put on the kickstand, then l put together the bicycle seat and put that on the bicycle, Then last l put together the bicycle rack and put it on the bicycle. l put on the headlight then the taillight l first un screwed the back of the tail light to put in the double A batteries in it then screwed it back on, then l test rode it This New X-Treme Sedona Electric Bicycle can sure handle more bumps and can go faster than the X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt can The New X-Treme Se3dona 48 Volt Blue Electric Bicycle weighs about 32 pounds, while the X-Treme Sedona 36 Volt weighs about 27 pounds. l highly recommend getting the New X-Treme Sedona 48 Volt Electric Bicycle. they come in four color black, white, blue and green.

Digging it

I was amazed at how much power this bike still has after being fully loaded. It has changed the way I get into the back country.


I am impressed, this bike will crawl over anything.

Great all around

I just wanted a fun bike I could go out on and enjoy my day. I found exactly that.

Too fun

I ride up and down the bike paths along the coast, since I got my Coastal Cruiser I have increased the distance I ride opening more areas for exploration.

Loving this bike

The step through version is working for me. I am a little shorter so when I stop to look through my binoculars I can just step forward and stand over the bike. Works for me.

Smooth as silk

The Rubicon is my go to bike. I like the way it smooths out the wash boardy roads I ride on. I highly recommend this bike to anyone.

The perfect size

I love the way I can handle my bike. I was worried about the standover height when I have to get off the bike on the trail, the step thru design makes it easy for me to get off and on. Thank you Crankworks for giving me this heads up.

Killing the hills

Living by the beach I love riding my beach cruiser. Even though I live by the beach I still have large hills to climb to get home. Before I bought my Coastal Cruiser I would struggle to get up these hills, now I fly up the hills and don't feel waisted when I get home.

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