Bakcou FAQ

How fast can a Bakcou e-bike go?

1000 watts can go up to 30mph and a 750 ebike can go up to 25 mph, depending on conditions.

Will my bike come with a charger?

Yes, The Mule will have a 2 amp charger and the Storm will have a 5 amp charger.

What kind of distance can I expect to get?

A general rule of thumb is 2 miles per amp hour, depending on conditions this can vary.

Can I see a bike in person?

Yes! Bakcou's headquarters are located in Northern Utah. Their address is 1689 W 2550 S, Ogden, Utah 84401.

How long does it take to get my bike?

Orders are processed the same day, They typically deliver within the week. Once the order is processed we will send you a tracking number.

How much do Bakcou's weigh?

Mule: 70 lbs

Storm: 75 lbs